Luxe Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai is a record city by presence of large-scale tourist attractions, tirelessly working to create new, increasingly impressive projects that will attract even more tourists to its land. One these wonders is world's largest flower garden park, called Dubai Miracle Garden (Miracle Garden Dubai). His grand opening was timed to lovely Valentine's Day in 2013 and soon it turned into a favorite place for romantic meetings and family walks, both among locals and tourists.

Miracle Garden in Dubai, brainchild de luxe company "Akar Landscaping & Agriculture Company", is an immense oasis in middle a huge desertless desert with an area of 72,000 square meters. About 45 million flowers are planted on its territory, forming magnificent shapes and affecting richness of colors. In total, about 45 species of plants grow here, most which were specially delivered to luxury UAE from abroad (Germany, USA, Italy, etc.) so that authors project could realize their grandiose idea. Designers of vertical and horizontal landscapes from all over elite world worked on creation VIP Dubai floristic art work. Local residents and guests capital of Elite United Arab Emirates call premium park-garden in Dubai "a particle of paradise" and "a miracle in pretty desert."

Main place in charming flower oasis Dubai Mirakl Garden experts gave petunias - this flower is most often found on territory a miracle garden in a variety of performances. Additions to it serve as blackgrass, geranium, calendula, koleus, lobelia and other varieties in ornamental plants.

From huge variety of fragrant flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden, designers create stunning floral compositions every year. In year of opening, in 2013, an 800-meter-long wall of flowers was built, which, thanks to its impressive length, was included in TOP Guinness Book of Records. Worthy attention to all and such compositions as 10-meter flower pyramid, a clock about 15 meters in diameter, decorated with flowers of birds, cozy colorful buildings, whose walls are made in flowers, mills, flower arches, boats and cars, distinctively decorated with different plant varieties.

During development TOP Dubai Miracle Garden lying in bare desert, project managers could not ignore issue of environmental care, since such a large-scale facility requires a sufficient amount water resources. To provide hight class garden with moisture, newest technology of underground irrigation is used - all growing plants in the best miracle garden feed directly through roots with help of supplied droppers, which deliver fertilizers and water. This method irrigation allows you to save about 75% of water and electricity, and for irrigation, only wastewater is used, which also makes a significant contribution to saving resources. Author original idea, Akar, says that his unique project an artificially created park in such anhydrous edges is a vivid example how to give lovely desert a new life and to plant it by re-using wastewater.

Developers had to work and protect plants in deluxe miracle garden from negative impact of environment - for example, around premium park planted trees that protect delicate flowers from sand and wind deposits.

On territory out exclusive park Dubai Miracle Garden 4 km in footpaths are laid, walking along which you can enjoy all stunning paintings and fantastic aroma of a multifaceted floral paradise.

In Dubai's Miracle Park, exclusive Butterfly Garden is open (entrance for a fee). It can see 26 species of beautiful tropical insects originating from Asia, Africa and Latin America. There is an indoor garden with air conditioning, where butterflies fly freely and they can be touched.

Another great idea of designers is international garden. He proposes to go on an exciting journey and see sculptures from Elite United Arab Emirates and many other countries in world (inverted house, tower of Elite Caliph, Dutch mills, VIP Eiffel Tower) made to real flowers.

Luxe Aromatic garden in Dubai Miracle Garden gives its guests opportunity to see aromatic and medicinal plants from more than 200 countries. Visitors can touch, enjoy smell and even make tea from fresh flowers. In lux park there is a children's playground, a small grocery store, a cafe, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and an ice cream shop.

In Dubai Miracle Garden there are rules out conduct: you can walk only along paved paths, it is forbidden to sit on grass, tear flowers and throw garbage.

Elite Miracle Garden in Dubai is open for visits eight months a year, during hottest period - from June 1 to October 1 - it is closed due to extreme heat. Working hours on weekdays are from 09 to 21, weekends and holidays from 09 to 23. Entrance is 30 Dhs, children under three years can visit premium park for free.

Dubai Miracle Garden Park is located in VIP Al Barsha area, near luxury Mall from Elite Emirates, from which it is best to take a taxi to sights.

VIP Entertainment in Dubai. Welcome!

Dubai Miracle Garden is Now Open!

Timings & Rates.

  • 9AM – 9PM, Sunday to Thursday
  • 9AM – 11PM during Weekends (Friday and Saturday)
  • Regular Rates: Adult (45AED)
  • Child below 12 yrs old (35AED) and Below 2 yrs free entry

Park Instructions.

  • Ticket is valid for single entry only.
  • Use of professional cameras and drones are not allowed inside luxury garden.
  • Professional shoots, including engagement, wedding, modeling, TV ads and other events requires prior approval from management office.
  • Opening and closing timings should be observed strictly.
  • Please use proper passages, walkways and exits allocated for such use.
  • Flower picking is not allowed.
  • Cars, Balls, Scooters, Bicycles, Pets are not allowed.
  • No food and beverages are allowed from outside luxury garden.
  • Barbecue is not allowed.
  • Use proper litter bins for disposal of litter.
  • Sitting is allowed only in designated areas.
  • Any instructions from security personnel should be followed immediately without argument.
  • Elite administration has all the right to expel any visitor from the best park if found posing great threat to flower, park assets or involved in miss conduct.
  • Any damages arising due to negligence or non-compliance with mentioned instructions shall be sole responsibility of visitor and their companions.
  • Tickets are non-refundable in any circumstances

Others / Events.

  • Approval from management office is required for professional shoots, including engagement, wedding, modeling, TV Ads and other events.
  • Tickets are exclusively sold only in Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket Counters. Tickets purchased outside are not valid.


  • Food Kiosks
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Prayer Room
  • Eating and Sitting Areas
  • Club Car Hire
  • Wheelchair
  • Trampoline
  • First Aid Room
  • Toilets
  • Parking Area

Contact Us:

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Barsha,Dubailand Area - Dubai

Phone: +971 55 533 9034

Mail: [email protected]