Platinum Heritage
Platinum Heritage

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Al Hurr Falconry Services
Al Hurr Falconry Services

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Royal Shaheen Events, Falconry show Dubai
Royal Shaheen Events

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Private Falconry: 800 aed

Elite Falconry in Dubai!

Falcon is a graceful, strong, agile, a rare and shy bird, which personify strength and courage. Falcon is a symbol of the United Arab Emirates. This bird depicts even on the banknotes and on the coat of arms of the UAE. For the Arabs falcons is an indicator of status, from time to time their price are comparable with luxury car, a yacht or a fancy house. The price of a hunting Falcon very often reaches unbelievable figures more than 100 thousand dollars.

Special shelters for breeding falcons and even a special falcon hospital and several clinics are created on the territory of the Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

A special falconry center is situated not far from Dubai in the Al-Markaz. It consists of a Bazaar and the Museum dedicated to falconry.

Falconry was first conceived more then 5 thousand years ago in India. Now it takes a separate place in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. Hunting with wild falcons existed in the Arab land before they accepted Islam religion. The Bedouins used these graceful and magnificent birds to hunt to survive in the wilderness.

In our days, Dubai falconry is one of the most popular sports and favorite hobby for the wealthy citizens and VIP entertainment for UAE tourists. Falconry in desert is a many years tradition in the UAE and another way to preserve the national heritage. To take part in falconry can only exclusively wealthy OAE citizen, however in recent years foreign nationals is also permitted to compete in falconry.

Falconry season in OAE starts in September and lasts up to the beginning of spring (March).

During the competition, falconry in the United Arab Emirates you can enjoy the view as graceful, proud and strong bird Falcon takes off from the hands of his master, after he takes off her head cover, rapidly gaining speed, and suddenly swoops down at speeds up to 300 km/h, overtakes its prey, and according to host command, returned to him back. Victory for the falcons, who reach the loot the fastest.

Usually such a spectacular event as falconry in the UAE, is held in the desert. A lot of falconers are gathering there. The whole entertainment lasts for several days. Visiting this event once, many were impressed and come to see it again and again. Needless to say that the prizes become a car or a significant amount of money. For example, the value of prize Fund of the Presidential Cup for Falconry 2013-2014 is estimated at 13.5 million Dirham (around 3.7 million dollars)!

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