Dubai Entertainment: Elite Platinum Heritage.

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Private Falconry: 1395aed

Platinum Heritage offers the number 1 Desert Safari Dubai on TripAdvisor and has recently been voted as the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Company at the 2016 World Travel Awards. This is due to our Heritage Desert Safaris being the world’s only Desert Safari to use 1950s museum quality, vintage Land Rovers on our Heritage Desert Safaris or VIP & luxury Range Rovers on our Platinum Desert Safaris.

Offering unique, sustainable, desert experiences highlighting the local Emirati culture and heritage as well as ultra-luxury desert experiences, Platinum Heritage has pioneered a new style of desert safari Elite Dubai.

Elite Entertainment in Dubai! Dubai is the Elite place where this dream can be realized. Dubai girls

Dubai Platinum Heritage - Private Falconry: Experience a private interactive VIP Falconry Dubai demonstration with one of the world’s best Falcon Trainers =1395aed;

VIP Heritage Falconry & Wildlife morning Desert Safari: Enjoy wildlife spotting in a vintage Land Rover, camel riding and expert Elite Dubai falconry show on your Morning Desert Safari =495aed;

Platinum Wildlife Drive and Bedouin Breakfast: Hear fascinating tales from a Bedouin in the exclusive surrounds of a private Royal desert retreat =495aed;

Private Night Safari & Astronomy: Explore the desert at night with an expert Safari Guide in search of all the nocturnal animals =2575aed;

Heritage Desert Safari: Dubai's #1 Desert Safari with vintage Land Rover wildlife safari, traditional entertainment & dinner =545aed;

Platinum Desert Safari: The Luxury Desert Safari in Dubai. Enjoy Range Rovers, a private dinner setting with 6 course dinner =1500aed;

Camel Desert Safari: Step back in time with a camel ride, desert safari, falconry and dinner at a luxury Bedouin camp =495aed;

Heritage Overnight Desert Safari & Bedouin Breakfast: Enjoy a overnight Desert Safari and wake up to a breakfast with a Q&A session with a local Bedouin =895aed;

Heritage Wildlife and Bedouin Breakfast: Enjoy this morning desert safari in Dubai with breakfast a Q&A session with a Bedouin =395aed;

Conservation Drive: Drive in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in luxury Range Rovers and refreshments at Al Maha Resort =595aed;

Fat Bike Conversation Ride: Embark on a Fat Bike wildlife adventure through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with lunch =495aed;

Sunrise hot air Baloon and Wildlife Safari: Enjoy a magical Hot Air Balloon Safari followed by a vintage Land Rover wildlife safari, falconry and breakfast in the desert =1250aed;

Overnight desert safari & Hot Air Balloon Flight: Camp overnight under the satrs and wake to a magical Hot Air Balloon Ride =1895aed;

Morning Camel Desert Safari: Your morning camel desert safari will take you on a stunning 45 minute journey through the desert on a traditional camel convoy =395aed;

Platinum Wildlife and Falconry Safari: Wildlife safari in a Range Rover in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with expert falconry =595aed.

Office 123, 3rd Floor, Oasis Centre,

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, PO Box 124486,

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +971 4 388 4044,

Whatsapp: +971 5442 5499

Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am – 6:00pm