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Elite Beach Polo Cup Dubai

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Polo in Dubai: Horse show, horse riding, horse racing

Is there a way to spend the day better than getting out with friends or family on the brunch and at the same time to see how the best Dubai Polo teams in the world are fighting for the prestigious Golden Cup? In Emirates, spectators invite to enjoy the elegance of royal sport for all the games of the tournament this height class season.

VIP Polo Gold Cup held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Governor of UAE. For the first time this elite year, games held in the state-of-the-art luxury Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club Dubai.

There is the fourth largest championship in the world after tournaments in Argentina, the USA, and the UK. The Emirates Gold Cup traditionally gathers a lot of VIPs, influencers, and high-ranking government officials from all Emirates. Dubai girls

The gold cup plays out under the banner of the Herlingem Association (HPA). This year, it features the best players in the world, including Pablo McDonough, the superstar with a maximum handicap of 10 goals, and the Triple Crown champion in the La Dolfina team of Nicolas Pierce, whose handicap was raised to 10 goals after a recent magnificent performance at the Argentine Open, Lucas Monteverde and Alfredo Cappella Barabuchchi (handicap nine goals) and many others.

The Dubai Championship is divided into two tournaments: it started with the McLaren Cup (from Saturday, January 21d to Friday, February 3, 2017) and continues with the Gold Cup Julius Baer (from Friday, February 18 to Friday, March 10, 2017).

On premium Dubai Polo, it is necessary to go to the whole family - for children, there is a separate play zone. Watch the game, and after sunset goes dance to the music of the best DJs from the Emirates in the Official Gold Lounge - they will play for you all day and almost all night! Add to this the fun on the field and beyond - for example, horse show and fashion show, and you will get maximum pleasure from such a trek.

The best time to visit the cup is Friday when the famous brunch is held at premium Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club in Dubai. The final of the Gold Cup (Luxury Emirates Open) will be held on March 10, within which the Best Dressed VIP Lady contest will be held.

What to wear?

One of the most memorable luxury Dubai Polo scenes is the scene from the movie "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Vivienne - character Roberts - came to the polo game in a brown dress in peas without sleeves and in a white hat. In the film, the game was part of a charity event, and all the girls were dressed in stylish designer dresses, hats, and gloves. But do not forget, polo is still a sport, although it is often presented as something very traditional and formal. However, most games are simple, family events.

A variety of outfits are allowed: from bright dresses to pants khaki and shirts with collars. The game takes place in the open air, so the choice of clothing affects the weather. In exclusive Dubai Polo - Club, there are a lot of lawns and little asphalted roads, so it's better not to put on heels, but instead, choose wedges or beautiful ballet shoes. On the other hand, it's too elegant to get dressed for polo is impossible - do not limit yourself and use the excuse to show the world your favorite hat! From fedora to cowboy hat - everything is appropriate.

In general, it is better to adhere to the classic, exquisite style. Choose bright and comfortable clothes. Pastel colors and white are some of the best options.

For men, an exclusive Dubai Polo tournament is one of the rare opportunities to wear bright suits made from fabrics such as sirsaker. If you prefer a conservative style, put on hacks and blazers. Jeans, however, are not welcome.

To quickly join the society of Hight-class Emirates Polo lovers (as well as in any other), it is advisable to know their language. So it will be much easier for you to support a secular conversation.

Chakka: matches in deluxe Polo are not divided into periods and not to half-times, but to segments called chakka, seven and a half minutes long. In each match - at least six such periods.

Pony: Today, TOP Polo is often played on horses, but traditionally they were preferred to smaller and deft ponies. Therefore, premium Dubai Polo horses are still commonly called ponies.

Divot Stump: In the middle of the match, spectators are invited to the field to stamp it in places where the hooves of horses and the hammers of players pulled grass from the ground.

Flagger: behind each gate (a pair of striped poles) is a man showing whether a goal has been scored. If it was, then its flag rises - and accordingly, if the flag is not raised, the point is not counted.

Face-off: Before the start of the game, one of the two judges - or especially an honorable guest - throws in front of two teams of four players a ball.

Here they are, these three incredibly expensive elite polo that you can find in deluxe places:

Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club


Beach Polo Cup Dubai