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VIP Dubai Riding and exclusive Polo Club, which was opened in 2006, is located in the prestigious Arabian Ranches area and occupies 68 acres of majestic desert artificially transformed into a picturesque oasis.

Elite Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club has absorbed a rich experience of riding in the Middle East, with the art of which its guests can learn. Elite Dubai Polo Club provides an opportunity to get unforgettable impressions from a leisurely walk on a thoroughbred Arabian horse or camel, admiring expanses of desert in rays of sunset, mastering an exciting game of elite Dubai polo, or going on a guided tour of stables of VIP Dubai club and learning more about history and traditions of equestrian sport in LUXE UAE.

Elite Dubai Club has polo poles, where both local and international competitions take place, and riding and jumping fields are considered to be among best in the region. Dubai girls

VIP Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club includes an equestrian center of international level, where you can master or improve your skills in the art of riding, which in East has deep traditions. Also, guests of luxe club have an excellent opportunity to master VIP game of exclusive Dubai Polo, which is traditionally considered the game of the highest aristocratic society. VIP Dubai Club conducts both group and private lessons, which include theory and practice of "playing kings". It will be interesting to test yourself as an absolute beginner, and a professional will be able to test and improve his skills. Besides, VIP Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club organizes height class Dubai Polo tournaments in which up to 30 people can participate, which allows for an excellent corporate retreat on elite club's territory.

VIP Dubai Riding and height class Dubai Polo Club can be proud of the best equestrian academy, where for those interested in horse riding, depending on age and different vocational training, there is a wide choice of suitable courses, from jumping to best Dubai Polo. Training in elite club takes place under the guidance of experienced, professional trainers while ensuring the most comfortable conditions for training and qualitative mastering of all nuances of chosen kind of equestrian sport. There is also a program that allows you to learn to play height class Dubai Polo in 3 days, which is great for tourists who want to learn this interesting kind of equestrian sport in a short time. An individual lesson, teaching a TOP Dubai Polo game, will cost about 800 dirhams, and 550 dirhams for one person will cost a lesson in the group.

In addition to the traditional game of high-class Dubai Polo on horses, VIP Dubai Polo Camel is gaining popularity in Elite UAE - a game involving camels, idea of which belongs to head coach of Elite club Polo Academy in Dubai. This kind of game is somewhat different from usual but easily accessible both for beginners and professionals of traditional style. Players are preliminarily trained in all skills that they will need in such a non-standard way of playing. Each camel places 2 players, one of which controls animal, and second carries out impacts on ball. Also, each camel follows a guide who acts as an insurer and, not being a player, has no right to interfere with the game.

Since camels can lie at any time in the middle of the field, this TOP Dubai Polo game is especially fascinating and unpredictable and is of particular interest to both spectators and players themselves. As a result of the game, the winner receives a prize reward.

Such entertainment, which includes training, equipment, the game itself and soft drinks without alcohol, will cost about 700 dirhams.

On the territory of the elite club there is a wide choice of restaurants and cafes, which, due to their location in such a picturesque area, make VIP Dubai Riding Club and Elite Polo a great place to meet friends or business partners. Also, the territory of the club is ideal for holding various kinds of events, including the organization of wedding celebrations. There are stylish spacious conference rooms with terraces overlooking the luxury Dubai Polo field. Elegant furnishings and comfortable atmosphere perfectly contribute to a most pleasant pastime.

Besides, the elite club offers excellent opportunities for other sports activities. There is a fitness center, a gym, and a swimming pool. All rooms are equipped with showers and locker rooms.

On certain days of the week - on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays - Elite Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club for a payment of 50 dirhams allows visitors to have a picnic on the field, sitting on the grass and the admiring way others play luxury Dubai Polo. For those who do not want to trouble themselves with additional worries, the club provides ready-made picnic kits that can be purchased for around 150 Dhs. Thus, VIP Dubai Polo Club provides its visitors with all possibilities for a comfortable and carefree holiday.

Take a step into the brilliant world of luxury Dubai Polo and become a member of one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Deluxe Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club celebrates this quintessential sport, offering exclusive benefits of Club to our members' luxe Dubai Polo.

Glamorous Dubai Polo is waiting for you as a member. All our members have one thing in common, an important all-embracing passion for deluxe Dubai Polo. Since membership in height class Dubai Polo is strictly reserved, our members are selected based on their commitment to the sport, as well as their ability to play.

Choose one of following lux Dubai Polo options:

Type Membership fee Joining fee Ambulance fee Total
Single AED 30,000 AED 10,000 AED 5,000 AED 45,000
Couple AED 35,000 AED 15,000 AED 10,000 AED 60,000
Professional AED 15,000 No joining fee for handicap 2 and above AED 5,000 AED 20,000

Stick and Ball AED 20,000 (Green Fees AED 500/day of chukkas)
Polo Field Car Entry Fee Fees
Non-Member AED 150
Leisure Member AED 100
Livery and Polo Members Complimentary
Green Fee Fees
Stick and Ball Members (per day of chukkas) AED 500
Weekend AED 1,000
Weekday AED 800