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Where to Buy Souvenirs in Dubai!

Some people dread shopping for souvenirs because they are afraid of spending too much on overpriced trinkets. Others thoroughly enjoy browsing shops and markets to find "perfect" memory, which ideally is a souvenir that represents the culture of the elite place they've visited. This article will describe where you can find good memories in Dubai.

Sales in Dubai are held in two stages: in winter and summer. Winter shopping festival in Dubai ("Dubai shopping festival") will last about a month (from 26.12 to 28.01) and will envelop the city in a real carnival of discounts, entertainment, and jokes. Summer sales in Dubai (Dubai Summer Surprises) are scheduled for the period from July 23 to September 5.

  • Dubai Al Karama Market, 18B Street, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 56 134 4178, Operating time: 10 - 22.

Al Karama Market is located in a predominantly Indian neighborhood in the heart of VIP Dubai, around 10 minutes from Elite Dubai Creek. Taxi drivers will know where to take you. Open from noon until late, al Karama is a place where you can test your bargaining skills. Bring cash and be prepared to be patient and negotiate. You can pick up some good deals here. There are souvenirs at Karama Shopping Complex as well. Kitschy but cute Dubai souvenirs include miniature Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab statues, Russian stacking dolls in the form of a "sheikh" and "sheikha," ornate cushion and table covers, and a variety of genie lamps. Other gifts include both miniature and full-size Hookah pipes and pashmina shawls. More traditional souvenirs are tall Arabic coffee pots and cups, Moroccan-style lights and ornaments for the house, wooden doors, and ubiquitous camel decorations. Many of these souvenirs aren't made in Emirates, but this is the case for tokens all over the world. Dubai girls

  • Antique Museum Dubai, Manara Street Al Quoz Industrial area 1, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 347 9935, Operating time: 09 - 23.

Elite Antique Museum in al Quoz may take some finding, but it has bargains similar to those in Karama. There are shelves upon shelves of souvenirs, including antique-looking daggers (called “khanjar”) from Yemen, interesting lamps, and fabulous textiles.

  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Road, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 366 8888, Operating time: 10 - 22.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a traditionally styled “souk” or market. It is part of a more massive Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort. Bustling with tourists, restaurants, and shops, this market is modeled on an old fashioned Arabian market. However, in the past days, nothing was as luxurious (nor as air-conditioned) as this souk. Elite Souvenirs in Souk Madinat Jumeirah tend to be overpriced in comparison to similar items found in Karama. You are, however, less likely to be hassled by overbearing shopkeepers or pressured to purchase items because luxe shops are located in a resort setting. There are a number of restaurants and clubs at the souk, and you can easily spend half a day here. The outdoor area has a particularly lovely view of deluxe Burj al Arab. If you stay at the resort complex, abras (water taxis) are free. Abras take you from your hotel to souk, and for a fee, you can choose an abra tour of the resort. It’s a nice touch, but very much a fairytale representation of what a traditional souk would look like.

  • Elite Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, phone: +971-4-409-9000, Operating time: 10 - 0.

On the ground floor of the deluxe Dubai Mall, there is a souk area with many souvenir shops. Arabian Oud sells highly scented “oud perfume” famous in Arabian Gulf. “Oud” itself is agarwood, with a highly infused resin. When burnt, oud lets off a smoky smell, and clothing is held over it to be saturated by scent. It is also sold as oil and in perfume. Luxe Camel Company, located on the second floor in VIP Dubai Mall, has all sorts of cute, soft toys for children. Camel mugs, t-shirts, notepaper, and magnets are also available. Camel Company also has an online store and four other locations.

  • Souk al Bahar, Burj Khalifa, Dubai 75157, United Arab Emirates, Phone: +971 4 362 7011, Operating time: 10 - 22.

If you go out of VIP Dubai Mall, walk across the bridge over luxury Burj Lake (human-made), then you’ll arrive at Souk al Bahar. Yet another modern souk modeled on the antique market, Souk al Bahar has lots of shops and restaurants. Restaurants here are a good vantage point to watch water fountain show in front of premium Burj Khalifa. Gallery One at Souk al Bahar is an excellent place to buy beautiful art and prints. Designs you’ll find are representative of Dubai and hight class UAE. Geometric designs, tasteful images of the best Emirates, and Islamic calligraphy feature in VIP art. A lot of products are offered as smaller size prints, so they are easy to pack. Prices start at around 100 Dirhams (USD 30.00) and go up to 500 Dirhams (USD 135.00) for small art pieces.

Naif Souk, Deira Street, Naif Area, phone: +971 800 900, Operating time: 10 - 22.

Naif Souk is one of the oldest traditional markets in VIP Dubai city and used to be a camel market. Much like Elite Spice Souk, this is a great place to experience local culture while checking out over 100 stores. Here you can find all kinds of souvenirs, as well as textiles, abayas and leather goods. This Souk also allows bargaining, making it a great place to stretch one’s souvenir budget.

  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh Road, phone: +971 4 366 8888, Operating time: 09 - 23.

There is the ultimate spot to buy souvenirs in Dubai. Souk Madinat Jumeirah mimics a traditional Arabic market and has a vast array of stores selling products from the luxe region. Tourists can find anything from Arabic perfume to clothing, as well as plenty of small stalls selling unique products that illustrate regional culture. There is a great place to buy high-end souvenirs, such as beautiful hookahs and decorative pieces. Although most people think of deluxe Spice Souk as a place to buy authentic and delicious spices, this touristic spot also sells souvenirs. Around de luxe Spice Souk, tourists can buy magnets, traditional clothing, and even exciting home decorations. The great thing about shopping for souvenirs at luxury Spice Souk is that it is one of few premium places in Dubai where bargaining is collective. Therefore, for those shopping for souvenirs in bulk, this is the ideal spot to get more and pay less.

National Iranian Carpets

National Iranian Carpets — In TOP Middle East, a tapis is seen as an investment. Indeed, well-made and unique rugs increase in value over time. Do some research before tapis shopping, because quality rugs are expensive. A right, the mid-sized carpet will easily cost you 6000 to 8000 dirhams (USD 1600 – USD 2100). Persian carpets often feature medallions and are named for hight class cities or regions where design originates. A personal favorite is the best Nien rug in blue. For less expensive carpets from Afghanistan, try venturing to Dubai’s neighboring Emirate, Sharjah. At VIP Sharjah Blue Souk, there are many carpet shops where you can haggle for your price. Here you’ll see an abundance of tapis stacked on top of each other. The shopkeeper will lay each one out. Make sure to ask about weave, check the back of the carpet, and determine if your rug is wool, silk, or mixed. Don’t accept the first price, but do be polite.

VIP Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative

Elite Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative — Would you like to buy handicraft that is made for a good cause? This charitable initiative sells handmade carpets, cushions, bags, and other textiles, with proceeds going to community development in Afghanistan. If you buy from FBMI, then you can be assured that the proceeds of your purchase will go to a good cause, and enrich the lives of women in impoverished communities. The handicraft is beautiful, and viewings at the Dubai shop are made by appointment. Shopping for souvenirs in Dubai leaves one spoiled with choice. The best deals aren’t always found in a mall. For adventurous, a trip to Karama Souk or Blue Souk can result in the discovery of a souvenir “treasure.” However, more touristic souvenir shops (those in malls and resorts) are generally easier to access, albeit less atmospheric.

Further detail will tell You what to purchase in Dubai for children, ladies, and our strong Men!