Exclusive Dubai Souvenir for children!

Shopping – VIP Dubai Entertainment on vacation! What to bring from most luxurious countries Dubai to our children? Of course new gadgets, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc....

If you want to buy the best electronics, VIP Dubai is a place where you will get a very wide selection of electronics at a fairly attractive price. The best Dubai offers a wide variety of products and goods at affordable prices. No wonder because this city is considered a shopping Paradise. In Dubai you will find computers, premium home theaters, luxury LED TVs, smartphones, game consoles, and similar goods at relatively low prices. Therefore, tourists often buy electronics in Dubai during a holiday in UAE. Especially new items first come out in deluxe Elite=UAE.

Electronics stores in VIP Dubai you can find almost at every step. These stores feature the latest electronic devices. Many famous stores have a large area and attract not only ordinary consumers but also wholesalers. It is expected that high-class Dubai distributes about 2 billion electronic devices around the world. Dubai girls

Where to buy electronics in Dubai? Most popular electronics stores in Dubai include:

Luxury Burjuman Centre is situated on Khalid bin Walid in Bur Dubai and has an area of 74322 square meters. There are about 190 premium shops, where goods are sold to European and American brands. In addition to electronics, luxe Burjuman Centre you will find restaurants, cafes and other establishments.

Another place where you can buy electronics in Dubai is Emirates Towers Boulevard, which occupies an area of steering wheel 13050 square meters and the known presence of 45 retail outlets. This Mall is known for offering the latest electronic devices and accessories.

Shopping center, Century Mall, which is located near Al Shabab Club, has an area of 13935 square meters and is one of best shopping centers that offer a large selection of electronics. If you arrived in Dubai with kids, Century Mall offers you another advantage — there is a place where your children can have fun while you shop. We are talking about kids club, Jungle Bungle.

Other places where you can buy electronics in exclusive Dubai include Mall of Emirates, Festival City Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Lamcy Plaza.

Why should you buy electronics in Dubai? First, Dubai is not required to pay taxes for sold goods, as this city is considered a free trade area. So electronics are cheaper than in many other places in the world. Second, electronics that are sold in Dubai, are reliable, and if you find any defect then you can exchange device have not yet returned home. In most places, the exchange of a defective device is instant.

Don't want to buy a Golden PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Fans of incredibly expensive versions of popular gadgets and various electronic devices always were and will be. For them, Italian company Gatti Luxury Lab has developed special editions of new game consoles.

Housing consoles made of rose gold talented Italian jewelers, and buy them could only be visitors of exhibition games GAMES14, which was held in Dubai from 11 to 13 September this year.

Cost of consoles and same is 50,000 UAE dirham, equal to about 13 US $ 600. Of course, afford such a purchase will not everyone is that rich celebrities and children of local oil sheikhs. GAMES14 exhibition was specially organized in order to further popularize video games in the Middle East. Because the local gaming market generates about $ 1 billion profit per year, and this is a very serious amount of money for key players like Microsoft and Sony became interested in the development of its business in the region.

Lovers of luxury, of course, the insanely expensive console will appeal, but the question remains: can gold is also effective to conduct heat from the housing of consoles in their environment? Delights in the form of a coating of pink gold can seriously affect thermal conductivity and, despite the presence of ventilation holes in the case of consoles, this can increase internal temperature, which will inevitably lead to overheating. On the other hand: what's to stop rich residents of the United Arab Emirates to buy another one working console out of gold?

Dubai Souvenir for little ones.

When visiting Dubai, moms, and dads often unwilling to buy their children something interesting. In Dubai, there is everything for children, including clothing, strollers, diapers, swings, baby cots and other products such as shampoos and lotions or even medicine. Dubai is able to please moms and dads, babies and young children a variety of children's products stores you find in malls and local markets.

Elite Dubai provides a unique opportunity to purchase children's products from around the world in one place. The selection of children's products here is very wide.

Where to buy baby products in VIP Dubai?

Exclusive Dubai Mall is the largest Mall in the world. It has over 1200 stores, an aquarium and many other interesting places. So not only can you purchase products for children, but have a great time with the whole family. Children will especially enjoy aquarium with its underwater zoo.

Shopping center Festival Centre Dubai has a large area of children's goods, which has a lot of different departments. It is ideal for parents with children, as here you can find almost any baby items. In addition, there are always plenty of planned activities for families.

Ibn Battuta Mall is another great place to shop for children's products in Dubai. This shopping center features 275 stores and 50 places to eat. In addition, there are 21 cinemas, including cinemas with IMAX screens.

Here are Elite Shopping malls in Dubai, here you will find everything for kids:

Dubai Mall, Al Mussallah RD, and downtown Dubai, near Souk al Bahar bridge, Dubai 113444, United Arab Emirates, Phone: 800 38224 6255.

Global village, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 362 4114.

Ibn Battuta Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 362 1900.

Deira City Center Shopping Mall, 8th street, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 295 1010.

City Centre Mirdif, Mirdif city center, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 800 6422.

Dubai Marina Mall, Exit 32 directly from Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 32923, United Arab Emirates, Phone: +971 4 436 1020.

Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah beach road, Dubai, UAE, Phone: +971 4 344 4161.