Dubai Entertainment: Elite Aquaventure Water Park!

What are the only possibilities for various leisure travelers not amazing Dubai! Tourists here are lost from a large selection of ultra-modern shopping centers, giant amusement parks and luxury hotel complexes. And about the observation platforms of the city for a long time there are legends about the places from which you can enjoy truly fabulous views of the capital of the Emirate dotted with skyscrapers. Even the water parks of the city are distinguished by unique attractions from such entertainment facilities both in Europe and in Asia.

Aquaventure Waterpark the best water Park in the UAE

Tourists, often vacationing in Dubai, are well aware of the "palm Jumeirah"-a giant artificial island, which has the form of a slender palm tree with micro districts-" branches"Central quarter-" trunk"and barrier - "Crescent". It is on the last building located "ownership" Aquaventure-a huge water Park, which can accommodate seven Red squares of the Russian capital. Dubai girls

But the "Aquaventure" strikes uneven-aged tourists not only in the huge sizes. Guests of the restaurant have fun not just on the traditional slopes, but on the bizarre pots of two towers: Neptune, which has a height of a 9-storey building, and Poseidon, no less impressive in size. It is unlikely that there are teenagers who do not want to test themselves in such an exciting attraction as "Sharks attack".

To be inside the glass tunnel among the sharks running around chaotically is a real sea adventure for gambling tourists of any age. Guests of the water Park are waiting for such tests as swimming on the double water slides, falling in narrow capsules in a warm pool at a speed of 60 km / h, overcoming the rapid rapids, exploring the maze of dark tunnels and many other exciting attractions.

Official website of the water Park . Here you can order and pay for tickets online.

The cost of visiting the water Park.

Visit this institution will cost each guest 260-320 dirham. The first amount for those who buy tickets on the official website of the institution, the second-at the box office on the territory of "Aquaventure". For young guests, whose height is less than 1.2 meters, a visit to Aquaventure will cost, respectively, 210-275 dirhams.

How to get there

Future visitors can easily get to the water Park thanks to the monorail and a good landmark – "Atlantis" – a hotel complex, which belongs to "Aquaventure".