VIP Dubai Entertainment: Elite Legoland Water Park!

Dubai Legoland can be divided into two large zones. The first is an entertainment Park with ground attractions. The second is the large water Park next door, Legoland Dubai water park. In each of the zones, both children and adults are waiting for incredible active adventures, quiet games, developing logic and thinking, interactive fun. Think: do you know at least one place where children can participate in races and chasing bandits, armed with laser guns, build a raft, climb a high tower, go down the steep water slides and pipes? No? Then we will tell you: this is Dubai, Legoland Park.

The whole Park is divided into 6 thematic diverse mini-zones. The territory is equipped with several thousands of Lego models and 40 rides. Animators walk around in costumes of Lego-heroes and enjoy having fun with children. All the designs took more than 60 million designer cubes! In short, Legoland in Dubai is not only the newest Park among its "brothers" but now the largest of Legoland in the world.


The first zone, which falls into the Park visitors, is a bright factory. Children will not only see the mechanized process of production of cubes but also will be able to pull all the levers, participate in the manufacture of colorful elements. On the territory of this zone, you can choose a sunglasses or cream, rent a baby stroller for the duration of your stay, have a snack. There is also a shop with the largest range on the shelves are 250 variations and shapes of Lego bricks. Dubai girls

Lego City

A miniature children's town, which is organized by real car traffic, has its own police station, airport and Marina! Here children will be able to fly a plane and a boat, to save the building on fire, sitting in a fire truck, get a driver's license and try their skills on full-fledged mini-roads with traffic lights and markings.


When children get tired of active games in Legoland Dubai, reviews of which are filled with enthusiasm, we recommend to visit this interactive area. It is located in the center of the Park and includes the main attractions of the resort, built of 20 million Lego bricks! Striking buildings are formed into the whole streets-there are residents and other attributes of the metropolis. And those visitors who want to try out their design skills, can go for a 10-meter table and build something of their own.


This is a territory of real adventure! If you feel unfulfilled spirit of adventure, and your children – desperate, brave, soon to be sent here. In this mini-zone, there is a huge pool inhabited by fish, sharks, corals. On the submarine you have to dive to the bottom. In addition, children will be chasing with laser guns for bandits who stole jewelry, real water explosions and a trail passing through the ruins of an ancient temple.


Area for those who like to design and observe the technical progress. Both children and adults will enthusiastically build cars and robotics here, take part in the battle of robots on the controls, visit the 4-D theater. You can climb the attraction "Electric towers", from the top of which you can see the whole Park. For the youngest visitors in the mini-zone offers Duplo Express.


In this mini-zone, children will challenge the brave dragon, armed with swords, RAID the Royal castle, go to the carnival. On the territory of the zone runs a bright train in the form of a dragon, which descends headlong from the roller coaster at the end of the path. There is also magic - guests will have to solve the spell of Merlin, sitting in a flying machine.

Legoland Water Park

This is the first water park in the region, attractions which are designed for children aged 2-12 years. On its territory equipped with 20 water slides (open and closed), wave pool, family rafts-tablets for gambling downstream. Older children can build their own raft of LEGO parts and go on it on a water trip. And for the youngest on-site there is a Playground Duplo. There is 1 store in the Water Park.

Other facilities

On the territory of Legoland Dubai, the official site of which offers visitors to buy tickets at a discount online, everything is provided for a carefree pastime for the whole family. Prices vary depending on whether one zone bought a ticket or both. It is also possible to buy a year-long ticket, the price includes free parking at the complex. Come here with the children without the slightest hesitation – they will be happy to spend the time that way! And be prepared for the fact that the game you spend the whole day. There is no queue at the entrance, because the "Fast-pass" system is developed.

Park program:

Enjoy more than 20 slides, where there is entertainment for all ages

Plunge into the pool with artificial waves LEGO Wave Pool

Build your own raft of LEGO designer in the attraction Build-A-Raft-River

Working time: VSK. - sat: 10: 00-18: 00


Entrance for 1 day at LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai

You should know before the tour:

You can not print out the purchased tickets – it is enough to present the e-voucher on your phone

Fixed date tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable

Visitors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person 18 years and older

Children up to 3 years free entrance

Transfer is not included in the price

For the convenience of visitors, free transfers from popular hotels and shopping centers of Dubai are organized.