Luxury Yachts Dubai.

The modern industry of marine recreation and water sports in the United Arab Emirates is actively and quickly developing and thriving. One of the most desirable and popular kinds of Sport in the United Arab Emirates is yachting, wich not only the opportunity to compete in their skills and abilities but also an opportunity to make unforgettable wonderful romantic boat trips. VIP Voyage to Dubai offers the most elite yachts.

Yachting for guests and tourists

VIP Yachting is an interest in tourist rest, recreation, relaxation, and entertainment. It is important to note that all sea technic, used for rest organization corresponds to all international norms of reliability and safety. Modern Dubai is capable of offering to its visitors and tourists a unique opportunity and will satisfy the wishes of the most discerning guests. Choosing as entertainment and rest a yacht sail, you get an incredible feeling, which is breathtaking and indescribable. Only by developing a high rate and slipping on the water surface, you can see all the charm. Many famous sportspeople, cinema, and show business stars, and authoritative businessmen and politicians admit that Dubai has the best conditions for yachting. Such popularity at the international level attracts more and more volunteers to make unforgettable voyages.

The popularity and active development of modern yachting appeared possible due to many historical preconditions. From the ancient time, the Arabian territory was famous for its real masters and skilled artisans. It was a place of production nearly all goods starting from conventional textiles, up to luxurious Jewelry. All this was necessary to sell and exchange with foreign salespeople, so laying the foundations for international trade relations.

International trade development appeared the impetus for the development of maritime art. So, it was a significant movement of ship construction and navigation science development. It was that time when modern Dubai yachting born. Later it was used by royals persons for fun and a good time.

In our days sailing is equally popular among both locals and foreign tourists. Modern yachting is an easy walk in the open sea, sports competitions and exhibition trials, celebrations and holidays and, of course, just rest and recreation.

Elite Dubai Yachting industry

Annually in Dubai, international exhibitions and luxurious presentations are organized, which present the best examples of modern yachts. Attention visitors - the most luxurious and expensive models, the real pride of their owners. Of course, today, the boat is an indicator of the wealth and material wealth of the owner.

But today, to experience the inexpressible sensations of walking on the high seas, it is not necessary to be an oil tycoon. The development of the yachting industry has made such luxurious entertainment accessible to everyone. For guests and tourists who want to go to the open sea, it is possible.

Make an exciting trip to the Palm Islands or explore the human-made archipelago World. A boat trip will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions, and you will remember this trip for many more years. Give yourself a feeling of freedom and complete serenity, sliding on the watery surface.

Rent / Charter yachts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sea-vocation, a complete holiday in the United Arab Emirates, is impossible without a fascinating cruise in the Persian Gulf or even in the Indian Ocean. To do this, you can rent / charter a luxury yacht in Dubai. These comfortable vessels are specially created so that you can relax on them to the highest class!

Only when traveling on a yacht, you can get a feeling of complete freedom and serenity. There is an adventure that will help you escape from the daily routine of beach holidays and will leave an indelible impression in your memory for a long time! Dubai girls

Renting/chartering yachts in Dubai is not only a chance to experience an exciting adventure but also a whole host of other opportunities! Book a single cruise along the picturesque shores of the Emirates; you can dive in inaccessible other places, get out on real sea fishing, etc.

Also, the boat is an excellent opportunity to organize a family holiday. Not only your favorite half, but also your children will surely appreciate and joyfully participate in this comfortable cruise. Invite your friends or business partners. A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of luxury and comfort will be an excellent basis for strengthening any relationship.

  • How to rent a yacht in a charter?

Very simple! Write to us, and we will pick up a yacht for you according to the parameters and for the time, suitable for your request. And all you need a boat in a charter is a desire to rest in the environment of sea calmly.

  • What yacht can I rent / charter?

The most popular for hire are vessels measuring from 10 to 20 meters. Usually, such a yacht has all the amenities onboard that you only imagine. The equipment depends on the size, includes any elements from the bar, and up to water desalination. Luxury air-conditioned spacious rooms accommodate, depending on the class in this range, up to 20 passengers. The wardroom and break rooms are equipped with the latest audio and video systems. Such ships usually have one or more beautifully finished sleeping cabins with separate bathrooms and shower rooms. You have the opportunity to rent any type: from the largest to the smallest. It all depends on your choice!

Dubai is a great variety of yachts for rent/hire. And at the same time, with a different set of programs: cruises to palm islands, human-made archipelago "World" or along the coast including entering the bay dividing the metropolis into two parts. If you want your rest to be remembered for your comfort and unusualness, and this trip will become one of the most vivid memories in your life!

That's why the question "how to rent a yacht in Dubai" is solved quickly and simply. Especially considering that in the United Arab Emirates year-round weather reigns, as it is impossible more conducive to sea travel!

In any case, if you intend to go to the sea, it is best to book this service in advance, the vast popularity of sea cruises among tourists arriving in Emirates.

Rent a yacht for recreation, adventure, and entertainment - this is one of the most comfortable ways to see all the beauties of the Persian Gulf, plunging into the world of comfort and luxury!

  • AZIMUT 42

Passenger capacity: 10

Cabins / berths: 2 + 4

Length: 12.84 m

Price per hour: 1400 AED

Yacht Charter Azimut 42 is the best choice for a romantic and sightseeing cruise. The warm waters of the Persian Gulf, the bright sun, beautiful places that can be seen only from the sea, will always bring a great mood.

This yacht is a very comfortable, stylish design, convenient decking position, Azimut has many international awards and are recognized in the world as one of the leaders of comfort and design in the yachting industry.

Renting a yacht from us, we guarantee only high quality and service.


Passenger capacity: 14

Cabins / berths: 3/5

Length: 17 m

Price per hour: 1700 AED

The GIANETTI-55 is ideal for cruising with family and friends and also for festive celebrations on a yacht. GIANETTI-55 is a yacht with a lot of living space, a sound music system, and an attentive Russian-speaking crew.


Passenger capacity: 30

Length: 13.6 m

Width: 7.65 m

Price per hour: 2900 AED

In the Catamaran, you travel and spend time on the sea with comfort. A luxurious and stylish catamaran is perfect for parties and wedding celebrations. Ample open space makes it possible to spend time with maximum comfort for a large number of people.

  • MAJESTY 88

Passenger capacity: 40

Cabins / berths: 4 + 8

Length: 27 m

Price per hour: 5700 AED

INCLUDED: Transportation, Captain and captain's assistant, Fuel, Soft drinks and ice, Towels, Insurance for all guests onboard, Safety equipment, Bath accessories.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Catering, Decoration with flowers, Professional photographer.

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